A-Type Support Legs

A-type support legs, such as PALMS B2.1 and B3, work best on more even terrains. Factors to prefer A-type support legs are their lower price and simpler construction.

FD-Type Support Legs 

Flap-down (FD) type support legs like PALMS B4e, B6.1, B9, and B11 are better suited for more uneven terrains. These support legs move down through an angular motion, providing greater stability and longer leg reach compared to A-type alternatives.

Crane Bases Without Legs 

Crane bases B09 and B011 are specifically designed for trailers equipped with Y-type drawbars. Since PALMS log trailers with Y-type drawbar don't require support legs during loading, then this combination reduces the time needed to move between loading areas by not requiring time to lower and rise support legs.

Tilting Support Legs 

Tilting support legs are designed for loading on uneven terrains like slopes and hills. They allow users to adjust the crane's pillar angle in the front-to-back direction. The tilting feature is available in PALMS B011 crane base and PALMS B11 FD-type support legs.

Additional information

For more information, we encourage you to reach out to your local PALMS dealer. They will help you with findining right support legs for your crane.