Wood grapples are mainly categorized by their intended usage: Lifting logs or branches.

If you primarily need a grapple for lifting logs, we offer following models:

PALMS C01/C02 with a 0.16 m2 area and a 1040 mm maximum opening.

PALMS C1 with a 0.18 m2 area and a 1230 mm maximum opening.

PALMS C3 with a 0.23 m2 area and a 1465 mm maximum opening.

PALMS C5.2 with a 0.26 m2 area and a 1530 mm maximum opening.

PALMS C10 with a 0.28 m2 area and a 1615 mm maximum opening.

If you're primarily using the grapple for lifting branches, we recommend following energy wood grapples:

PALMS C36 with a 0.21 m2 area and a 1475 mm maximum opening.

PALMS C7.2 with a 0.23 m2 area and a 1550 mm maximum opening.

PALMS C11 with a 0.25 m2 area and a 1635 mm maximum opening

Rotator connection

If you've chosen our 0.16 m2 grapple, you can pick between two models: C01 and C02.

PALMS C01 has a connection for axle type rotator.

PALMS C02 has a connection for flange type rotator.

Axle-type rotators are more suitable for occasional use and users who have other implements with axle-type connections. On the other hand, bolted flange-type connections offer more rigidity and are therefore better suited for regular, everyday use.

All other PALMS grapples come with flange-type connections. However, if you need a larger grapple but prefer an axle-type rotator connection, then our product range also includes an axle-type adapter for flange-type grapples.

Extra reinforcement

PALMS 0.18 m2 and 0.23 m2 log grapples can also be purchased with extra reinforced claws, enhancing the grapple’s durability. You can find these grapples under product code C1HS and C3HS

Gravel bucket

To expand the usage possibilities of your crane and grapple, we've introduced an easy-to-assemble gravel bucket for our 0.23 m2 log grapple. For more information, please visit the product page for PALMS GB3 gravel bucket.


Grapple has a significant impact on your crane’s performance and should be chosen carefully. It's important to ensure that your choice of grapple matches your work conditions. It should be adequately sized to reduce the number of loading cycles without being overly heavy, which could potentially limit the weight of the load you're lifting. For further information, feel free to contact your nearest PALMS dealer.