PALMS forest cranes are grouped into series based on their use and lifting capabilities from 2 to X. Additionally, each crane model is marked to indicate its reach. For instance, the model name PALMS 5.72 refers to the 5th series forest crane with a 7.2 m reach. 

Now, let's take a more detailed look at each series separately.

2ND SERIES cranes are the smallest in PALMS cranes selection. The lightweight and compact size make these cranes a perfect choice for municipal parks and other environmentally sensitive areas. Our 2nd series cranes can be mounted on different platforms, from forestry trailers and trucks to miniforwarders.

3RD SERIES cranes are designed for small forest landowners. These cranes are ideally suited for preparing firewood for you and your neighbour, as well as for other common lifting works in farms.

5TH SERIES cranes are designed for everyday professional forestry work on soft terrain. PALMS 5.72 and 5.85 cranes are optimized for use with medium-sized tractors and can be mounted on a wide choice of trailers.

7TH SERIES cranes represent PALMS’ heavy-duty range. In addition to our larger trailers, these cranes can be placed on chippers or mounted directly to the tractor’s frame. Higher slewing torque and lifting capacity make these cranes a good choice for working with harvester heads or operating on steep slopes.

X-SERIES is the next step in our crane development as it is the most advanced range in our product range. It offers the longest reach and highest lifting capacity among our product selection.

Additional information

For more information, we encourage you to reach out to your local PALMS dealer. They will help you with findining the right crane to meet your expectations.